This guide explains how to access and use the test mode on your LG WM8100HWA washer to perform diagnostic checks.

How to Access the Test Mode on your LG WM8100HWA Washer
How to Activate the Test Mode on your LG WM8100HWA Washer

Important Safety Note: Before proceeding, ensure the washing machine drum is empty.

How to Enter Test Mode on Your LG WM8100HWA Washer:

  1. Standby Mode: Turn off the washing machine but leave it plugged in.
  2. Button Combination: Press and hold the Spin and Soil Level buttons simultaneously. Then, while holding those buttons, press the Power button.
  3. Advance Through Tests: Once you hear a chime and see the display light up, press the Start/Pause button repeatedly to cycle through the various diagnostic tests.

LG WM8100HWA Washer: Running Diagnostic Tests with Test Mode

The following table summarizes the diagnostic tests available in test mode:

Button PressesTestDisplay StatusDescription
NoneInitial Check“LOAD TEST MODE”Turns on all lamps and locks the door.
1Tumble ClockwiseRPM (45–50)The drum rotates clockwise at a slow speed.
2Low-Speed SpinRPM (55–60)Simulates low-speed spin cycle.
3High-Speed SpinRPM (110–115)Simulates high-speed spin cycle.
4Inlet Valve (Prewash)Water Level (25–65)Activates the prewash water inlet valve and checks the water level sensor.
5Inlet Valve (Main)Water Level (25–65)Activates the main water inlet valve and checks water level sensor.
6Inlet Valve (Hot Water)Water Level (25–65)Activates the hot water inlet valve and checks the water level sensor.
7Inlet Valve (Bleach)Water Level (25–65)Activates the bleach dispenser valve and checks the water level sensor.
8Tumble CounterclockwiseRPM (42-50)The drum rotates counterclockwise at a slow speed.
9Heater Activation (3 seconds)Water Temperature °CBriefly activates the heater and displays the water temperature.
10Circulation PumpWater Level (25–65)Activates the circulation pump and checks water level sensor.
11Drain PumpWater Level (25–65)Activates the drain pump and checks water level sensor as water is drained.
12Exit Test ModeDisplay OffExits test mode and turns off the display.
LG WM8100HWA Test Mode Diagnostic Checks

Understanding Display Values:

  • Water Level: The displayed numbers will change depending on whether water is filling or draining. A decreasing number indicates filling, while an increasing number indicates draining. This confirms the water level sensor is functioning correctly.
  • Motor RPMs: During tumble and low-speed spin, a 2-digit number (40–65 range) indicates RPMs between 400 and 650. In high-speed spin, a 3-digit number (100–150 range) indicates RPMs between 1000 and 1500.
  • Temperature: The displayed temperature is in degrees Celsius (°C).

Exiting Test Mode:

Press the Power button to exit test mode.

Compatible LG Washer Models:

This test mode procedure applies to the following LG front-load washer models:

  • WM3080CW, WM3170CW, WM3180CW, WM3270CW, WM3370HVA, WM3370HWA, WM3470HVA, WM3470HWA, WM3470CW, WM3570HVA, WM3570HWA, WM3670HVA, WM3670HWA, WM3770HVA, and WM3770HWA
  • WM4370HKA, WM4370HWA, and WM4370HVA
  • WM8000HWA, WM8000HKA, WM8100HVA, WM8500HWA, WM8500HVA, and WM8900HBA


Test mode is a valuable tool for checking the functionality of various components in your washing machine. By following this guide, you can gain valuable insights into the machine’s performance and identify potential error codes early on.

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