1. 1- Which payment processors are accepted by your site?

    The site currently only integrates with PayPal, and allows for automatic downloads once payment is received.

  2. 2- How will I receive my service manual after payment is made, and what is the procedure for ordering it?

    The service manual ordering procedure involves making payment through PayPal and entering an email address. The receipt email containing the download link will be sent to this email address immediately upon confirmation of payment. If the email does not arrive within 6 minutes or is not accessible, customers can contact the support team to have it resent ASAP.

  3. 3- What file format are the service manuals provided in?

    All service manuals are in Adobe Acrobat file format, which is commonly installed on most computers. If not, customers can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. When multiple manuals are included, the files may be zipped and require unzipping with a built-in or free utility like 7-zip.

  4. 4- Is it necessary to create an account with your site to order a manual?

    No account signup is required to order a manual, but creating an account will allow customers to view previous orders.

  5. 5- What is the recommended method for locating a manual on your site?

    To locate a manual, customers should enter the first few characters of the model number, along with the manufacturer’s name if needed.

  6. 6- How secure is the checkout system on your site?

    The checkout process involves leaving the site and using an SSL secure connection to process payment through PayPal. Payment information is never seen or stored by the site on their server.

  7. 7- Is it mandatory to have a PayPal account to order a manual?

    Yes, a PayPal account is required.

  8. 8- Within what timeframe can I access the downloaded file(s) that I have bought?

    Once you purchase the file(s), you will have 10-15 days to download it/them before the link in your payment confirmation email expires. If you encounter any issues with downloading, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

  9. 9- Can I buy and download manuals using a dial-up internet connection?

    Yes, you can, but please keep in mind the file size when making a decision to purchase, as files larger than 8 MB may take some time to download due to the limitations of dial-up internet. For larger files, we recommend using a free download manager, which can speed up the process and help you resume downloads in case of any internet connection issues.

  10. 10- Is there a limit to the number of times I can download the purchased files?

    You can download the file(s) a maximum of 10 times before the link in your payment confirmation email expires. Should you face any difficulty downloading, please Contact Us.

  11. 11- What should I do if I have a question not listed in your FAQS?

    Please do not hesitate to contact us If you have any questions.