Owning an Electrolux washing machine can be convenient, but encountering error codes can be confusing. Thankfully, these codes provide valuable information to help you troubleshoot and maintain your appliance.

Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes
Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes: Fix Them Now

Know Your Machine: Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Let’s explore some common Electrolux washing machine error codes and simple solutions you can try:

E10: Water Supply Issue

  • Symptoms: Error code E10, E11, or C1 with 1 beep or flash.
  • Solution: Double-check your water supply connections following the installation guide. Ensure hoses and connections are secure for proper water flow. Check the inlet valve filter screen and replace it if necessary.

E20: Draining Issue

  • Symptoms: Error code E20, E21, or C2 with 2 beeps or flashes.
  • Solution:
    1. Turn off the machine and gently move the drum back and forth.
    2. Clean the drain pump and filter according to your user manual.
    3. Run a hot wash cycle without detergent.
    4. If the issue persists, consider replacing the drain pump.

E30: Water Pressure Sensor Issue

  • Symptoms: Error code E30.
  • Solution:
    1. Clean the drain pump and filter as described for E20.
    2. Check for blockages in the drain hose.
    3. If cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue, check the pressure sensor, air chamber, and pressure hose.

E40: Door Lock Issue

  • Symptoms: Error code E40.
  • Solution: Verify that the door is firmly closed and no clothing is preventing it from latching. Ensure you hear a clicking sound indicating the door is locked.

E50: Motor Issue

  • Symptoms: Error code E50.
  • Solution: Motor-related problems can be more complex. Check the motor, tachometer, and carbon brushes.

E60: Heating Issue

  • Symptoms: Error code E60.
  • Solution: Heating issues often require professional attention. Check the heater wire harness and heater assembly.

E70: Temperature Sensor Issue

  • Symptoms: Error code E70 (or any code starting with E7*).
  • Solution: Inspect the temperature sensor and its connections for any damage.

Sudsy (oversudsing detected):

  • Code: SUdS
  • Description: The washer detects too much soap and stops the cycle. The display shows “SU,” followed by “dS,” and the remaining cycle time (stuck at 0 minutes) for 60 seconds, repeating this pattern.
  • Cause: Excessive detergent use can cause oversudsing.
  • Solution: The washer will automatically add extra rinses to remove the suds. Each extra rinse takes about 5 minutes. You can press CANCEL to silence the alert, but the washer will continue rinsing until the suds are gone.

Hose Mismatch (Incorrect Inlet Hose Installation):

  • Code: HOSE
  • Description: The hot and cold water hoses are reversed. The display shows “HO,” followed by “SE,” and the remaining cycle time (stuck at 0 minutes) for 60 seconds, repeating this pattern.
  • Cause: The hot water hose is connected to the cold water inlet, and vice versa.
  • Solution:
    1. Press CANCEL to acknowledge the reversed hoses.
    2. Turn off both water supply valves.
    3. Reconnect the hoses to the correct inlets on the washer (hot to hot, cold to cold).

Clean Washer Reminder:

  • Code: CLEAN
  • Description: This is a friendly reminder to run a cleaning cycle for your washer.
  • Solution: Running the Clean Washer Cycle periodically helps maintain your washer’s performance and prevents odors.

Demo Mode:

  • Code: Dn
  • Description: The washer is in demo mode, which simulates a wash cycle without actually using water. The display shows “dn”.
  • Solution: To deactivate demo mode and use the washer normally:
    1. Turn off the washer with the POWER button.
    2. Turn it back on with POWER.
    3. Wait for the control panel to light up.
    4. Press and hold both the SOIL and OPTIONS buttons for 3 seconds simultaneously.
    5. The lights will turn off and on, indicating the reset is complete.

Other Electrolux Washing Machine Error Codes

  • E11 (Long Fill): Check water connections (refer to the installation guide). The door may lock for up to 6 minutes. Unplug and replug to reset the lock.
  • E21 (Drain Time Out): Check the drain hose for kinks or improper installation.
  • E35 (Water Overflow): Press CANCEL to clear. Rest the cycle with START. Reset by unplugging and replugging the power cord.
  • E41 (Door Open): Ensure that the door is closed firmly and not blocked by clothes. Listen for the door lock to click.


Understanding these error codes can help you troubleshoot common issues with your Electrolux washer and keep it running smoothly. If you encounter a code not listed here, consult your manual.

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