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LG WT1701CV Top-Load Washer Repair Manual

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Document Information:

  • Document Language: English
  • Document Format: PDF
  • Document Pages: 56
  • Model Applicability: WT1701CW, WT1701CV, and WT1701C*

Table of Contents: LG WT1701CV Top-Load Washer Service Manual

  1. Specifications: List of key technical specifications for the washer models.
  2. Installation Instructions: A step-by-step guide for safe and proper installation.
  3. Operating Instructions: Clear and concise instructions for using the washer’s features and functions.
  4. Service Information: Important information for service technicians.
    1. Disassembly Instructions: Detailed instructions for disassembling the washer for repair or maintenance.
    2. Wiring Diagram: A schematic illustration of the washer’s electrical connections.
    3. Test Running Without Water: Instructions for testing the washer’s functionality without water.
    4. Troubleshooting:
      1. Common Washing Problems: Troubleshooting Guide is organized by common issues like leaks, noise, and error codes.
      2. Summary: A quick reference table for common issues and their solutions.
      3. Error Code: Troubleshooting steps specific to each error code displayed by the washer.
      4. Other Troubleshooting: Additional troubleshooting tips and procedures.
  5. Component Testing Information: Instructions for testing individual washer components.
  6. Exploded View: A detailed diagram showing all washer components and their locations.
  7. Wirring Diagram.


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